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What it takes to be servant of a Bengal Cat

December 8, 2017

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What it takes to be servant of a Bengal Cat

December 8, 2017

Dear readers,


You all know the picture of Thor is getting shared worldwide, and I love that he is getting so many beautiful comments! But there is one thing that makes me panic everytime I see my picture being shared... 


Everyone wants to buy a Bengal! Before buying or adopting a Bengal for their striking looks, please look into it and search as much information as you can. My heart breaks if I think about all the people that get a Bengal cat without knowing what they’re getting into... because a lot of Bengals will end up in a shelter. And if there is even one Bengal I can save from a shelter with explaining Bengal behavior in this post, I am happy to do so.


I will sum up the most important things you need to know about a Bengal. 



1. Most Bengals talk. Like really. They meow VERY loud. Well, sometimes it’s not really meowing, more like a 2 year old kid that’s screaming.  


2. Bengals need attention. All day long. Sometimes even all night long (yes, really!). Now, with normal housecats, this isn’t so much the problem most of the times. They meow ‘normal’. But if you read 1. and think about a 2 year old kid screaming at your bed at 3am, not so fun! 


3. Bengals need playtime. They get bored very easily. If there aren’t enough scratching facilities and you don’t play with them enough, they WILL destroy your wallpaper. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :-) 


4. Bengals are very social, but most of the time not lap cats. When a visitor enters the house, Thor never gets scared. He will even walk up to them. But don’t try to get him on your lap, because he won’t. Freya, our Bengal girl, she comes to sit on our lap sometimes, but only if we deserve it. So, yes, there are Bengal lap cats, but just know that there is a big chance that he/she isn’t. 


5. Bengals are very smart creatures. They will try to open your closet, fridge, door,... because they see you do it. They know what’s on the inside (or outside if it’s the door) and if they want it, they will try to get it. We often find Thor and Freya  jumping at the door handle of the room where the litter boxes are. Now this comes in very handy, because we don’t have to open the door. But this gets more dangerous if they try to do it to the outside door. Make sure that the doors to places they are not allowed to are Bengal proof! 


6. Bengals are family creatures. They love spending time with their family. If you give them attention and play with them, you will get loved. That’s how it goes. They even like to play with children. If the kid is still too young (aka too loud and wild) the Bengal will be smart enough to just leave the room. But if the child is at the perfect age to throw with stuffed animals and to play with feather sticks, they will become best friends! 


7. Bengals are very active. Make sure you make them tired during the day or they will terrorize you at night. And remember 2., you don’t want a 2 year old screaming at your bed at 3 am. 


8. Ofcourse, they can be lovable and sweet too! Some Bengals can even appreciate a good bellyrub! 



This are, what I think, the most important characteristics of a Bengal cat. I hope you enjoyed reading this list. I hope it can help in seeing if you’re Bengal fit or not. If you have any more questions about the breed, feel free to ask! 


Peace out and paws up,


Rani & Thor





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