Meet the servants of Thor. We are the people who make sure that King Thor receives his daily dose of shrimpies, cuddles and bellyrubs! I hear you thinking now 'wow, isn't it hard to take care for King Thor, isn't he very demanding?'. Well, yes he can be, certainly when he needs his paw massages. Or when you wake up at 5 am in the morning because there is a 7 kilogram (more than 15 pounds) feline sitting on your head, waiting to be fed. Or when he decides it's time to act like he's being murdered at 1 am (read: screaming and jumping against the walls). Oh yes, he can be quite a dramaking sometimes. Cat owners will understand what I'm saying here, the cat owns you, not the other way around. And we all just obey the felines even more haha! But, to be honest, we love it. We love his sillyness, his loud and raspy voice, and the smart way he acts. It's like we have this need to serve him because he's the smartest creature in the house, lol. 

©Erik Van Eycken

The other servants of Thor are my two little brothers, my boyfriend and my mother (not on picture). My mom is the one who Thor has chosen to cuddle with all the time. From the moment she steps in, he can't leave her alone for even a minute. I have read somewhere that a cat chooses one human who he SOMETIMES will listen to, so maybe that's true. I think he sees that she's highest in hierarchy at our house (mom, if you read this, forget it), and that's why he feels closest to her, since he is the boss too, lol!


Besides serving Thor, I have some other things I do in life (I know, Thor asks us to dedicate our life totally to him, but we're trying to work it out...). My name is Rani and I am 24 years old. My greatest passions are cats (obvious), gaming and photography.









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